Double Debut

A debut double feature….my first post and my first quilt. This quilt was the first I completed when I became really, whole-heartedly interested in learning to sew (about 2 years ago) and so this makes it very special to me. Flaws and all. It’s very simple in its construction, and because I wasn’t comfortable (and still not so) with my color combinations, I went with a fairly monotone choice of fabrics. Here it is…thanks for looking! I’ve also added it to the growing list over at the 3rd Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival. Go check out all the great quilts on display over there!

Here is the link to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival

and the link if I didnn’t get the button right!



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17 responses to “Double Debut

  1. Jennie

    Welcome to the blogging community! Your quilt is lovely and I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. Haven’t been here long myself, but enjoy it so much.
    Your quilt is lovely, and I hope just the beginning of a grand adventure! Thanks for sharing ~


  3. Welcome to the world of blogging!! And what a welcoming quilt- just love it!! Must bookmark this blog and check up on you!! Have fun and I look forward to reading your daily entries!
    Take care!

  4. great choice for a first quilt …very simple & very sweet

  5. Welcome to blogland. I started my blog to join in Amy’s first quilt festival and have had a fantastic time as a result, lots of new friends, inspiration, help, support, ideas…’s brilliant to blog. Your quilt is lovely, it has a gentle, lived-in look to it which is beautiful. I’m glad you started your blog and shared it.

  6. Welcome, I love blogging. Who’d a thought it???

    glen in louisiana

  7. Welcome to your new journey of sewing and blogging. Your quilt is fantastic and so nice to see someone eager to learn to sew. Enjoy

  8. Very cute quilt. Nice relaxing colors.


  9. Thank you so much for the comments. It was such a wonderful start to my day to see that you all had visited me!

  10. this looks so pretty. i really like the muted color palate.

  11. Suchele – I really like your first quilt. I think you did fine in the colors. Whose favorite is it? I guess it is a child’s – it looks so comforting.

  12. I like your quilt and I like the muted colors you’ve chosen!

    Thank you for stopping on my blog.

  13. Glad you joined us for the quilt festival. Your quilt looks so cozy and comfy!

  14. i like your quilt–nice colors and fun you’ve joined the sewing community

  15. This is a very beautiful quilt!! I love your colour combination, it looks wonderful together, very unobtrusive and calm, and the binding is just great on that! Looking forward to see more of your quilts, particularly with the Zoology… 😉

  16. what a peaceful quilt, thanks for sharing.
    Come see my antique quilt entries

  17. What a pretty, soft quilt. I love the colors you used. And your blog is very nice. Quilting and blogging are going to become very habit forming! Enjoy!

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